Small Groups Begin!

We are gearing up to launch another round of Mosaic Small Groups! Starting October 1st, we will beginning meeting here at the church for some time of teaching and fellowship on Sunday evenings from 6:30pm ‘til 8:00pm. We will spend four weeks together catching the vision for Christian life in Community – to know and be known, to pray for and to be prayed for, to give and to receive.

Mosaic Small Groups are not intended to be glorified Bible studies, but rather small gatherings and expressions of our body, in which folks are able to share their spiritual gifts, and to grow up together into maturity. Certainly there will be study and opportunity to grow in knowledge and wisdom, but there will also be an emphasis on praying for and serving one another as well as our neighbors, unbelieving friends, and community.

Our desire is that through small groups at Mosaic you are not further removed from “the world” but that you are further equipped and empowered to do the work of ministry in your everyday lives. As we grow more fully into the likeness of Christ together, through knowledge, prayer, support and service, we reflect him more clearly as a broken piece in the hands of our gracious and skillful God.