At mosaic, we strive to provide and maintain the safest possible environment for our church family while we worship, learn, grow and serve together. We exist not only to love and serve one another, but to love and serve our neighbors, our community. Like a city on a hill shining in the darkness, mosaic has an ideal location and missional heart for welcoming the broken and reaching the lost. We are not naive to the condition of our surrounding neighborhood, but rather proactive in it to bring healing and restoration.

In all of our endeavors, we put our trust in God to protect and provide; and we also do our part to be wise and watchful, prayerful and responsible. It is our desire and responsibility to help ensure the safest possible environment for children and adults attending and serving during weekly services, events and meetings. For this purpose, our security team provides a valuable service to our church family.

Along with the security team, we have a security system and policies/procedures established to: preserve a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere provide and maintain a safe and secure environment prevent or minimize disruption and harm to persons and property prepare for and respond in emergency situations

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