3rd Wednesday Breakfast Ministry

3rd BreakfastServants in this ministry get to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a practical and powerful way…

…by feeding the hungry- both physically and spiritually!

The 3rd Wednesday Breakfast Ministry exists to allow the people of Mosaic to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the community. The mission is not that of “providing a meal or groceries to those in need”, but in displaying the attitude of Christ to a lost world. This includes the meeting of physical and spiritual needs. The ministry is not about providing a meal or groceries, but about making disciples .. disciples providing a meal.. disciples providing groceries.. it is about the privilege we have been given to show the love of Jesus..

Many ways to serve:

Servants prepare a hot breakfast, set up a welcoming FullSizeRender (3)space for the meal, serve food, welcome and encourage our guests and then clean up and prepare the space for it’s next purpose.

The morning begins around 8:00am and ends around 11:00am.  Servants are welcome to help during any part or all of the breakfast.

Groceries from our Food Pantry are distributed during our breakfast- for more details about serving in this area see the Food Pantry/Grocery Ministry page.

The underlying hope for the servants in this ministry is their ability to recognize that we do not “have” to serve.. pray for.. encourage and engage with the community.. we “get” to be Christ to them.

For more information about the 3rd Wednesday Breakfast Ministry, click here.