The very first impression of Mosaic is formed before you even enter the building, so caring for the outside spaces is very important.  We have two seasonal teams that help to make the approach to the church both beautiful and safe.

The Mow Crew10433144_1031860043509581_702563252069297915_n

A well-manicured lawn isn’t always noticed, but an untidy lawn certainly is!
This team aims to welcome people even before someone shakes their hand.  Mower and gas are provided, so you just show up to serve!  We also have some “planting/mulching” projects that you can join in.

10494852_977376425624610_5776006958983388445_nThe Snow Crew

This team keeps Mosaic’s sidewalks clear and safe throughout the winter.  They are a dedicated group who go out and face the elements so no one falls and hurts themselves getting from car to building (including the neighborhood citizens and students).  Shovels, snow blower, and salt are all provided.


For more information on the Mow Crew or Snow Crew, click here.