God is awesome… and His body, the Church, grows in beauty…

Dear mosaic,

Thank you for an incredible year of ministry and service!  I am so proud to call you brothers and sisters and am overjoyed to see us each and all grow in Christ-likeness!  It is a wonderful thing, place of peace and confidence, to know that it is Jesus’ role and responsibility to build the Church AND that nothing can stand against it – and that is what He is doing… with His hands, He is assembling this thing, this body, as each part does its work… a work in progress, a masterpiece in the making… that we call mosaic. (Phil 1:3-11)

Count it all joy… (Heb 13:15-17)

It is a joy to serve you and serve with you, and I cannot express to you the sense of privilege I (and, we, as a staff) have to be part of what God is doing in each of us as His children, all of us as His body, and through us as His hands and feet in ministry and mission in the Mansfield area.

Becoming like Jesus… (Rom 8:29; Eph 4:1-16)

My prayer for 2017 is that we would be a body who is both pleasing and honoring to our Father – that in every way, each one of us is able to see where we are, now, and take one more step toward being like Jesus, that we would strive “…to take hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of me (us)…”, as we grow into Him, the Head, as we are His body.

Broken pieces…(Rom 12; 1Cor 12)

…brought together by God’s gracious and skillful hands to make something beautiful, (a) mosaic…  each one of us brings to the Father the pieces of our lives, we come with lives that are cracked and chipped, tattered and torn, bruised and broken, we do this in hopes that God, our Father, would see and touch and heal… (and) as we lean into God more, and we learn His ways, we grow, more and more, in knowledge and confidence, that God is God, and that He does love us dearly and (even) desires company with us, and with that, He longs to partner with us to form in us His Son, Jesus.

An atmosphere of love…(John 13:34-35; Acts 2:42-47; 1Cor 13)

It is ours (mosaic) to create an environment that enables and promotes this interaction (between us and God), welcoming and safe, merciful and gracious, honest and transparent… engaging, encouraging, compelling, convicting… one that calls to us each “come in and be, please, just come and be… see Jesus, get to know Jesus, and be changed”

And we invite you, (each of us), to come and see… (John 1:46)

…into a quiet space, simple and unadulterated, beautiful in its own right, but in its whisper, not a clamor.  We want to minimize distractions… to allow for God’s truth to be engaged with, pondered and treasured, space for His Spirit to whisper and be heard… a backdrop for Jesus to be seen, both His stooping and being lifted high… with little or nothing to compete

As we come to Him… (Matt 11:28-30; 1Pet 2:4-5)

Each and all of us bringing our broken pieces to the Master, being placed in His mosaic… each of us receiving from His hand one more piece, a glimpse of Him, as He reveals Himself (to us) to place in our mosaic that is the face of God, our Father (Phil 3; 1Cor 13:12; 2Cor 3:18)

That we might each see and know and become more like, Jesus.

…humble, gentle, servant…

…not (yet) perfect, but perfectly created by and used in God’s gracious hands… day-by-day, moment-by-moment, always a work in progress, never quite complete… until we see Him face to face,

We are a, His, mosaic

-one of the guys, a fellow broken piece, tony