Frequent Questions and Answers

What is mosaic’s ministry philosophy?
What is mosaic’s church denomination?
What you can expect on a Sunday morning?
What kind of discipleship does mosaic offer?
What kind of food services/assistance do you offer?
How does your benevolence procedure work?


What is mosaic’s ministry philosophy? mosaic has been a church plant designed for 2 purposes
1. to reach the previously churched who have left church (and may not want to return). There are many sheep in the Mansfield area who are lost and wandering for whatever reason and it is our hope to reinstate as many as would be led here. Mansfield has traditionally been a heavily churched area, and there are many who have left the church – with little intent to return – it was and is our desire to create an environment of grace that would minister to those who are leery of church. (Ez 34)

2. to reach the lost, “Go make disciples…” (Matt 28)

What is mosaic’s church denomination? mosaic is a non-denominational church that is probably best reflected by churches or faith expressions belonging to such associations or denominations as Evangelical Free, Converge (formerly the Baptist General Conference) or even the CM&A.

What you can expect on a Sunday morning? casual and laid back, enthusiastic and life giving. dress as you are comfortable – shorts and a T-shirt, shirt and tie and anything in between. we are contemporary and relevant in a traditional setting. how we have been described – “feels like home”, safe, refreshing, friendly. It is our desire to engage with God and one another… while recognizing I, we, and it are a perpetually unfinished work – so we try to extend mercy, grace, patience, and love realizing that we are quite literally broken pieces – each and every one of us (… brought together by God’s gracious and skillful hands to make something beautiful… a mosaic. (not perfect yet ;)) We read and study the scriptures together – a bible in hand (or whatever electronic device you may have) is really important – we have some if you don’t and give to those who would like one. we sing, with great enthusiasm and reverence… we try not to pretend to be anything that we are not – we believe that life and ministry are messy, in constant flux, much like our lives in Christ, we are and will be a constant work in progress

What kind of discipleship does mosaic offer? There are “Engage/Grow/Learn” ministries offered periodically throughout the year (ie: Women’s, Men’s, 20 Somethings, etc.) For more details about these ministries, see the “Engage/Grow/Learn” tab above.

(after a establishing a report with and commitment to mosaic) helpers, apprentice and teaching opportunities in children and youth; ministry with and to “20Somethings” (young adult); training in teaching in both the men’s and women’s ministry areas, internships for those considering work in ministry, mission or teaching/social work (please see “Connect and Grow” tab above)

What kind of food services/assistance do you offer? We offer two free meals each month:  Breakfast (9:30-11am) on the THIRD Wednesday and Dinner (5:00-6:00pm) on the LAST Friday.  We also have a Food Pantry/Grocery Ministry that happens during our free Wednesday Breakfast.  We can supply a bag of groceries to an individual ONCE every THREE months.  Please bring a photo ID with you to the free breakfast if you are interested in receiving groceries.  Enter on Benton Street for the meals.

How does your benevolence procedure work? Each person seeking benevolence is asked to complete a benevolence application and supply a photo I.D. The application is sent to a committee to review and determine if we are able to help with the need. The committee is usually able to reach a decision in 2-3 weeks and the person applying will be contacted (usually by phone) as soon as the decision is made.


Our prayer for you is that you find the place God would have for you and your family – where ever that may be. If it is here at mosaic, wonderful. If it is with another body, just as well!