Mosaic Small Groups

What are Small Groups at Mosaic?

Mosaic Small Groups are groups of people who are committed to growing together into the fullness of Christ through a commitment to knowing and being known, continual study of the scriptures, and showing the love of Christ to those who are in our lives.

Knowing & Being Known:

Our Small Groups meet regularly for at least one year. It takes time to cultivate relationships – and it’s really easy to wear a mask for a few weeks in a Bible Study or Class and to complete them without engaging your heart. Desiring that all of us walk in the freedom of the gospel in step with Christ, we work diligently to cultivate loving, and safe environments for Small Group members to receive and speak the Truth in Love to one another.

Continual Study of the Scriptures:

Believing that the Bible is God-breathed, we believe that it is alive, cutting to the core of things, and useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man or woman of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work. It is the Word of God which contains the truth we need daily and it is the Word of God which calls us to follow Christ, by taking up our cross and laying down our lives for our friends.

Showing the Love of Christ to Those in Our Lives:

Our Lord has gathered us together and given us a charge: to go into our neighborhoods, country and world with the Gospel and to teach those who would believe all of His commands. Acknowledging that he gives this command to the church & not just individuals, we seek to actively support one another as we endeavor to share the love of Christ with those whom he places in our lives.

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