Foundations Classes

Our Foundation Classes are crucial to encourage you in your spiritual journey in life and at Mosaic. These classes equip you so you can grow on your own and serve God where He can use you the most. Foundations Classes and other educational classes are offered in a semester format each year. Fall and Spring Semesters are 10 weeks and the Summer Semester is 8 weeks. Registration for semester classes takes place during September, January and May.  To register for classes see the Semester Registration Catalog on the homepage of the website, or pick up a hard-copy of the semester catalog and a registration form during weekend services throughout the registration months.

The Foundation Classes listed below are designed to be taken in order.

Class 101

The first in the series is Class 101 or Mosaic Essentials. This basic introduction to our church family is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is and how you can belong to a church. The class covers a review of our commitment to Christ, the importance of baptism, the mission, vision, core values of Mosaic, as well as the philosophy of ministry of Mosaic that makes us unique from other churches.  At the completion of this class, you are eligible to become a member of Mosaic if you chose.

Class 201

Class 201 is the second course in the series called Mosaic Enrichment and deals with the basics of spiritual growth. This introduction to spiritual maturity focuses on the four basic habits every Christian needs to grow to spiritual maturity: Time in God’s Word, Prayer, Giving and Fellowship. Class 201 will equip you with the skills you need to begin these four habits and will explain the tools you need to continue these habits.

Class 301

God didn’t design ministry for just a few committed people. We believe that every member of our church is a minister and this is what Class 301 is all about: Mosaic Utilization, or how to serve God. This course is designed to assist believers to discover their spiritual gifts, talents, and personality traits. Further, Class 301 will mobilize you into your place of service at Mosaic.

Class 401

How did you become a Christian? Someone probably helped you come to know Christ, but most people do not know how to clearly share their faith with others. Class 401, Mosaic Revelation, is designed to equip you to confidently share your faith with your friends and learn the bigger picture of reaching a world that God loves.

Class 501

You were created to worship God. Class 501, Mosaic Worship, will help you understand that worship and honor of our Creator is not something that happens just during “praise and worship time” at weekend services, but something that happens 24/7 with your entire life. Learn why worship is important for you and for God.