Christian Foundations Class

The Christian Foundations course explores “the Gospel”, what it is, what it means for us as individuals, as well as what it means for us as a body of believers. When we are brought into our Father’s embrace, the very essence of who we are changes – we have been made new- which means everything we do ought to change as well.

In this class we will explore what “the Gospel” is and look at the theological, philosophical and practical everyday implications of it in every facet of our lives. The goal of the course is not only to impart to you a new set of knowledge, but also to impart to you a new, biblical way by which you look at every area of your life. It’s aim is to equip you to engage life in light of the truth of the Gospel. For this reason, this class is for everyone! Whether you have questions about some core ideas in Christianity, you’ve believed for 50 years or find yourself somewhere in between, this course is for you!

Our next class session begins Sunday April 24th at 9:30am in room 302. The course lasts for 7 weeks.