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The 3rd Wednesday Breakfast Ministry exists to allow the people of Mosaic to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the community. The mission is not that of “providing a meal or groceries to those in need”, but in displaying the attitude of Christ to a lost world. This includes the meeting of physical and spiritual needs. The ministry is not about providing a meal or groceries, but about making disciples .. disciples providing a meal.. disciples providing groceries.. it is about the privilege we have been given to show the love of Jesus..

This ministry was started in 1964, and we are providing over 150 people with a hot breakfast and handing out 55-60 bags of groceries each month. We often post reminders to “Restock the Pantry”, however, many months we have to buy groceries in order to provide those families with a bag of groceries to take home. This is what a typical grocery bag consists of:


This is an incredible ministry to be a part of, and we just hope that as we talk this month about it, you would just remember that even one extra item donated to our pantry makes a huge difference.



… one more reminder…

… one more item…

… one more family fed.

You can bring items to Mosaic during any service time, or drop them off during office hours: Tues-Thursday from 9am – 3pm.